The cure for the winter blues

The cure for the winter blues

What is the best cure for the winter blues? It is planning for your upcoming fishing adventure at Salmon Run Fishing Lodge.

Spend the next several months dreaming of reeling in Halibut. Halibut that are as big as those fishing for them. Dream of catching hard fighting salmon as you troll right in front of the lodge. Dream of pulling in pots full of Dungeness crab and huge prawns. Dream of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Dream of our comfortable, beautiful lodge. Dream of the home cooked meals of rib steak, salmon, halibut, dutch oven dinners and smoked ribs and brisket.

Now take the first step in making those dreams a reality and call us today at 406-698-0761

We look forward to sharing our little piece of heaven on earth with you.


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