Trip to Alaska

Trip to Alaska

All of us here at Salmon Run Fishing Lodge are trying to be patient waiting for the upcoming fishing season. In an effort to get through the winter we often look through our millions of photos and relive the amazing experiences that we have had with family, friends and guests. Southeast Alaska draws you in on your very first visit and never lets go. As I’ve said before, Alaska never ceases to impress, surprise, and amaze. Each season we spend at the lodge we experience what we consider once in a lifetime experiences. I’m confident that you could spend 50 years here and never get used to the pure beauty of this little corner of the world.
Salmon Run Fishing Lodge is primarily just that. a fishing lodge. We are blessed to be located in the middle of some of the best and most diverse fisheries in Alaska. We regularly catch Halibut  that weigh over 100 pounds, Many of those fish are caught within sight of the lodge. And it’s not just Halibut. It’s common for our guests to catch a limit of Salmon right off of our private dock. With the fishing grounds so close to the lodge it allows our guests more time with their lines in the water, less time traveling and simply more fish in their freezers.
As a die hard fisherman I have been a bit surprised at all of the non-fishing activities I love to do around the lodge. The whales are everywhere and honestly, you just never get used to being around them. The other wildlife is just as amazing. It really feels as though you have stepped back in time. A time untouched by modern times.
If you are a die hard fisherman like myself and are looking for the perfect fishing adventure, please give us a call. If you like to fish but also want to explore all things Alaska we are the place for you.
We can’t wait to share our lodge with you and know you will fall just as deeply in love with the whole experience as we have.

— Menco Jeff Copinga

Salmon Run Fishing Lodge
Alaska’s premier fishing destination
Excursion inlet, Alaska

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