Who We Are

Salmon Run is owned and operated by the Copinga family who take pride in their ability to share their love and passion for all the beauty and wonder that Alaska has to offer! What started as a dream for a family in Montana became a reality when they purchased the lodge in 2017. It's located approximately 40 miles west of Alaska's capital, Juneau, in Excursion Inlet and is accessible only by boat or float plane! Positioned perfectly in the Tongass National Forest and right across from Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, our guests can expect to see what true, undisturbed Alaska is really like!
We are, first and foremost, a fishing lodge, but we really are so much more than just that. We provide unforgettable and customizable trips for small groups of up to 16 with one-on-one time spent with each guest, unparalleled self guided salmon and halibut fishing, the chance to hike through a temperate rain forest, whale watching from your own vessel while fishing, bioluminescence, late season northern lights and the opportunity to explore and sight see this wild and wonderful place on your own terms and at your own place. The adventure is yours, and we're here to make it easy!

Meet the Staff . . .

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The man who started it all! Jeff is married to Kim and is the best dad to his 4 daughters, Kayla, Hailey, Ashlynne and Brynlee. He grew up on a farm in a small town in Utah called Elmo with his parents and sisters. While working on the farm his dad taught him his unparalleled work ethic and his ability to fix anything and everything, especially when it comes to his girls! He has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life and has spent more time, fishing, hunting and just enjoying everything that nature has to offer than most men. He runs his lodge with all of that in mind and brings the family atmosphere that he is able to create at home to every guest that arrives.


Kim is the best mom to her 4 daughters and is the most wonderful person you could ever hope to meet! She has earned the nickname “Momma Kim”, and rightfully so! She brings happiness and unquestionable love to everyone she meets! All children love her, and we’re not just saying that, she has an air about her that makes those tiny little people gravitate towards her! And it’s not just kids! She brings a warmth to the lodge that is palpable and makes everyone around her feel loved and needed. 


Kayla is the oldest of the Copinga girls. She and her husband Jake live in Haines in the off season and spend each summer up at the lodge full time. She and Jake were the first to spend a summer at the lodge and because of that, they’re our go-to for just about anything Alaska. Kayla does it all for us. She is our house cook, she can fix just about anything, manages meals, flights and so much more. She is fun loving, hard working, loyal and the backbone of Salmon Run!


Jake finally, officially joined the family this June! His work ethic is what makes this place run! He is the first person to greet guests in the morning and is the go-to guy for any questions about fishing, boats and well, pretty much anything. He’s one of the most hardworking, selfless men you’ll ever meet and we know you’ll love him just as much as we do!


Hailey is the second oldest of the Copinga girls! She has the best sense of humor and can make you laugh in any situation! She’s the most hard working woman you’ll ever meet and gives 100% to anything that she does. She’s wonderful with kids and loves being around them. She recently graduated from Rocky Mountain college with her teaching degree and now teaches preschool in Billings, MT! You can find her doing well, pretty much anything. She fuels boats, cooks, helps with repairs, prepares tackle…you name it! She jumps in wherever she’s needed and makes sure everyone around her is happy and having fun! She’s one of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet, and we love her so much! She and Jessie got engaged in November of ’19!


Jessie also recently graduated from Rocky with a degree in Exercise Science. He and Hailey met in 2016 and Jessie asked her to marry him in November of ’19! We’re happy to officially add him to the family! Up at the lodge he keeps everyone laughing and having fun! He’s an incredibly hard worker and jumps on any task. He’s the first person to ask if you need help with anything and does it all with a smile on his face! Jessie does a little bit (well, a lot) or everything as well. He’s our expert firewood supplier, boat mechanic, pest control (he’s a killer shot with a .22!), dishes do-er, fish fillet-er, and so much more! We’re so lucky to have this wonderful man and know you’ll love him just as much as we do!


Ashlynne is the third oldest of the Copinga girls. She is currently playing softball for Dawson College Glendive, Montana. She also does a bit of everything up at the lodge! She fuels boats, puts docks out at high tide at 2 AM, help with meals… whatever needs to be done, she’ll do it! She’s great with kids and they love her! She is feisty, sweet, hilarious, competitive (she’s always up for a game of ping pong or darts!) and so many other things. She works hard, laughs often and makes everyone around her happy, wherever she goes. She’s so wonderful and we love her so much! We know you will too!


Brynlee is the youngest Copinga girl and also the most die hard fisher-woman of us all! She knows more about fishing than any 16 year old really should and we’re so grateful to have her! She’s the hardest worker you’ll meet and jumps on any task she’s given without question. She loves everything about Alaska and wants to be a part of it all! Most times she’ll be the first face you see as she sprints down the dock to see what kind of fish our guests bring in! She’ll catch you off guard with her quick, dry humor and we know you’ll love her just as much as we do!

Barry the lodge dog

Giver of snuggles, guardian of the dock, slayer of crows (well, chaser of..), great chomper of sticks, Barry the Lodge Dog is here for any and all offerings of love, scratches, or even mild tolerance. He is the very best boy. 

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