About us:

We are a family owned and operated, self-guided fishing lodge located approximately 40 miles west of Alaska's capital, Juneau. We provide 5 day/6 nights trips for small groups of up to 16 with one-on-one time spent with each guest. At Salmon Run you'll experience unrivaled salmon and halibut fishing, have the chance to hike through a temperate rainforest, whale watch from your own vessel, view bioluminescense, late season northern lights and enjoy the opportunity to explore and sightsee in this wild and wonderful place!

Meet the Staff:


The man who started it all! Jeff is the patriarch of this family operation and the passion behind all the projects. He has a bad case of what we call “over-the-next-hill-itis” and is always working on a new project or dream and always with his family in mind. He jokes that he jumped on this lodge opportunity for the sole reason of getting his family all in one place every summer. We are all well aware that this is no joke. He’s the greatest teacher and instills a deep sense of wonder and adventure in us all.


Our matriarch, also affectionately referred to as “momma Kim” is the most wonderful woman you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Spend five minutes with this fantastic human and you’ll walk away feeling loved, appreciated and important. She cares so much for everyone around her and is the most dedicated worker you’ll ever meet. We all want to be more like this lady and are so lucky to call her ours


Kayla is the oldest of the Copinga girls and is in charge of logistics. She can make a plan for just about anything in any situation, which is quite the talent when you live in SE AK where everything changes in seconds.. She’s an advocate for adventure and loves helping guests find new and exciting things to explore and see in this little corner of the world.


Oh, what would we be without this man?! Jake is an incredible addition to our family and crew. He’s the voice of reason in our “run-with-it” mentality and we are a better fishing lodge because of him. He’s the very best weather man and is so wonderful with guests, making each feel comfortable, safe and welcome in our remote little spot!


Hailey is the second oldest of the Copinga girls. She is such a hard worker and offers her skills and efforts to all facets of this family business. She is hilarious and keeps staff and guests laughing constantly with her dry humor and sarcasm. She is so fun and makes every day at the lodge exciting and memorable.


This man is such a fantastic addition to our little family and crew. He is the most kind and caring person you’ll ever meet. He reminds us often how lucky we are to be doing what we do and we’re so grateful for his reminder to live all of our days accordingly. He is an absolute necessity in our ability to create “once in a lifetime” adventures for our guests!


Ash is the third oldest Copinga girl and is the happiest person you’ll ever meet. Her smile and laugh are so contagious and she brings both to every task. She keeps everyone smiling and happy and is such a hard worker, from fueling to food prep, we don’t what we’d do without her!


The youngest Copinga girl and by far the most outdoorsy! She’s always up for a new adventure and always willing to take on the worst jobs. She loves seeing what guests catch and is usually the first person on the dock catching boats! We love her contagious excitement and love for this wonderful place!!


Miss Alice is the newest addition the family and to the Salmon Run Crew! This little Alaska babe will be bossing us all around in no time!


Chaser of crows, greeter of guests and chomper of sticks, this floppy guy is a big fan of Friday night steak nights, is an expert in all things “frisbee” and is the happiest, most loving creature you’ll ever meet.


Our mouse killer, extraordinare! This moody little cat keeps to herself but keeps the lodge free of all pests when she makes her rounds every night. This fluffy thing loves a good pet, but hates being picked up.


Do you need love or a good cuddle after a cold day of fishing? Because this guy has got you covered with some of the greatest dog snuggles you never even knew you needed. He takes his job as “lodge greeter” seriously but only when he’s finished with his far more important job – couch warmer.


This not-so-little man is the most playful cat and is quite the escape artist. Poofballs are no match for this extra spazzed out kitty!

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