Fish and Boats

What does "self guided" mean?

Well, exactly that! YOU will be the captain of your own boat and your own experience which means that you get to decide when to fish, where to go, and what to see! Excursion Inlet and the surrounding waters are an absolutely incredible spot to whale watch, spot Alaskan wildlife and catch some monster fish! We are protected by a multitude of small islands which gives our guests peace of mind knowing that they won't be tackling any open ocean waves or storms. Some boating and fishing experience is definitely suggested, but due to our small size we are able to offer thorough direction and suggestions to first timers as well!

What will you catch?

Halibut: We have a VERY healthy halibut population. These delicious fish can be caught all season long!

King Salmon (Chinook): Averaging size is 12-15 pounds. Best in June to mid July.

Pink Salmon (Humpy): Average size is 8-10 Lbs. Best in June and July.

Red Salmon (Sockeye): Average size is 8-10 Lbs. Best in July and August.

Silver Salmon (Coho): Average size is 10-15 lbs. Best in July through September.

Pacific Cod: Average size is 5-10 Lbs. Good all season long.


alaska self guided fishing boat

We provide 19′ Alumaweld boats that are perfect for the waters surrounding Salmon Run. Each is fully equipped with all coast guard approved safety devices, fish finders, gaffs, shark hooks, and anything else you might need for a successful fishing trip. Each boat boasts a sturdy topper to keep out guests dry and warm and to provide shade on those gorgeous sunny days! With 75 HP Yamaha motors you’ll be zipping around the inlet, spotting wildlife and catching fish in no time! 

Tackle and Gear

Each boat is provided with one halibut rod per person and two salmon rods (more can be requested, its just a lot easier to troll with two, and with how many fish are around, you won’t have the time to set more than that between catching fish!). Each boat is provided with the tackle needed to land limits of all species of fish!

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