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The majority of halibut caught in Excursion Inlet are around 40-60 lbs. They are bottom feeding fish that prefer sandy ocean bottoms to the rocky reefs. Most fishermen choose to fish with bait including herring, squid, octopus, and pieces of cod. The current Alaska state record is 459 lb.s!

2019 Regulations:

2 halibut per day per person.

Silvers, Pinks, Sockeye's and Chum
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These fish usually weigh around 8-12 pounds, but they can weigh up to 31 pounds! They prefer clear water or to be just on the edge of clear water.This occurs when a small stream flows into a murky-colored stream. If there is no clear spots (or they are all clear), look for deep holes where the water slows down. This occurs around bends, behind big rocks, near trees, etc. Use large, bright lures in pink, orange, chartreuse, blue, etc. Use herring, cod, or salmon roe for bait.

2019 regulations:

6 per day, 12 of in possession, 16 inches or longer.

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Alaska has over 30 species of rockfish with the most common in Excursion Inlet being the Yelloweye, Quillback and Black Rockfish. Like their name suggests, they prefer rocky reefs and are most frequently caught with bait, but they'll hit lures too, including jigs, spoons, spinners and flies! Most species have sharp dorsal and ventral spines , and it's easy to get one under a fingernail or in the palm of your hand. Some species have venomous dorsal spines that create painful wounds that can persists for days. Quillback are most known for this, and should be handled with care!

2019 Regulations:

Pelagic: black, Blue, Dark, Dusky, Widow, and Yellowtail
5 per day, 10 in possession, no size limit

Non Pelagic: Quillback, Yelloweye, Silvergray, Tiger, China and Copper. No size limit: 1 per day, 1 in possession.
Annual limit of 1 yelloweye.

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Our fleet consists of 19′ Alumaweld Stryker’s that are perfectly suited for Alaska’s waters. Each is equipped with a Yamaha 75 HP outboard motor with a steering wheel. Each contains all Coast Guard mandated equipment including flares, life jackets, fire extinguishers and more. We also provide tackle, down riggers and weights, GPS/fish finders, gaffs, shark  hooks, bats, pliers, salmon set ups, halibut set ups, bait knives and more for our guests use!

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