Fish and Boats

Why should you choose a self guided fishing trip?

Being on a self guided trip means YOU are the captain of your own boat!
You get to decide when and where you want to fish,
what you want to do,
and the places you want to see.
Want to spend the day trolling for salmon? Heck yeah!
Whale watching for the day over on Point Adolphus? Absolutely!
Searching for that barn door halibut? Get after it!
You can explore the fjord and witness jaw dropping glacial water falls.
Or watch a brown bear fishing in the river.
Do it all on your own time and at your own pace.
Self guided means YOU get to set your own course.

What will you catch?


Halibut are plentiful and available all season long!

King Salmon (Chinooks)

Usually around 15-30 lbs. Best in June to mid July, but available season!

Silver Salmon (Coho)

Around 10-12 lbs. Best in July and September.

Pink Salmon (Humpy)

About 6-8 lbs. Best in June and July.

Red Salmon (Sockeye

Usually 8-10 lbs. Best in July and August.

Dog Salmon (Chum)

8-10 Lbs. Best in July and August.


alaska self guided fishing boat

We provide 19′ Alumaweld boats that are perfect for the waters surrounding Salmon Run. Each is fully equipped with all coast guard approved safety devices, fish finders, gaffs, shark hooks, and anything else you might need for a successful fishing trip. Each boat boasts a sturdy topper to keep out guests dry and warm and to provide shade on those gorgeous sunny days! With 75 HP Yamaha motors you’ll be zipping around the inlet, spotting wildlife and catching fish in no time! 

Tackle and Gear

We provide all the gear and tackle you’ll need! Lures, halibut and salmon fishing poles and reels, sinker balls, bait poles, and so much more with downriggers and crab pots on request! 

We also provide rain gear and muck boots for each guest. We’ve got you covered…literally.

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