Best Times for each Species of Fish

Best Times to Visit
King SalmonGreatGreatGood
Silver SalmonGoodGreatGreat
Pink SalmonGoodGreatGood
Rock FishGreatGreatGreatGreat

Our Boats

Our guests will be equipped with a 19’ Alumiweld boat that is designed for Alaska’s waters. Our boats are safe, stable and easy to operate even for the novice boat captain. Each boat is equipped with all of the required Coast Guard approved life preservers and safety equipment. We furnish all the necessary fishing tackle and bait. Each boat is equipped with a GPS/Fish finder as well as a marine radio.

Before setting out on your first day of fishing our staff will thoroughly go over the operation of your boat and all Coast Guard safety rules. After boat orientation we will show you some of the most effective ways of fishing our waters. We will provide you with the right poles and tackle for the species you are targeting and will show you the best way to cut and hook your bait. We will also show you how to bait and set your crab and shrimp pots and explain how they should be set. Once you are ready to hit the water we will direct you to the best areas to catch fish. Each of the staff know and love the waters surrounding the lodge, are experienced fishermen and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

For those whose passion is fly fishing there are several rivers, streams and lakes to fish. Fly rods and flies are not provided by the lodge but guests are welcome to bring their own personal equipment.

Any Questions? Give Jeff a call! (406) 698-0761

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